Our Stories – Pastor Ramesh

A story of church-planting success

Pastor Ramesh and familyPastor Ramesh tells his story: “When the Gospel hits a place, it not only takes care of the souls of men, but affects and improves their entire lives. The living standard improves, their lifestyle and their habits change and God blesses the land with increased yield!” This is the case with Pastor Rameshbhai. After hearing the gospel for the first time, he was convinced that this message was not just for him or his village, but it for everyone. When he enquired from the local pastor as to what he could do, the Pastor directed him to Native Missionary Movement’s training centre. One year of constant studying, prayer and practical assignment totally transformed Ramesh.

He was ready to go and preach to all nations. But the Spirit guided him to g back to his village be there and start a new congregation. Now Ramesh planted 2 churches and 3 missions’ stations throughout the region of Gujarat. “How successful are Ramesh churches?” you may ask. The smallest congregation averages 60 regular participants and the largest has over 600! Pastor Ramesh is just one of more than 1400 NMM-supported missionaries, each with his or her own story.

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