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Guda is a village in Alirajpur District of Madhya Pradesh, India. It has a population of around 4000 people with a very poor literacy rate of 5%. Pastor Edubhai Chouhan is ministering in this village.
Edubhai was blind from birth. He and his parents got treatment from many places to cure his blindness, but all in vain. Desperate in failing to get his sight back, Edubhai decided to commit suicide but failed in that attempt too. Hearing his plight, a pastor visited him, shared the gospel and prayed for him. Miraculously, Edubhai was healed seeing the light of this world for the first time. Submitting to Christ, he undertookthe mission to spread the good news in his village. Suddenly,Edubhai found himself in the midst of trouble and rejection. His kith and kin became his enemies, forcing him and his family to leave home. Edubhai and his family took shelter under a tree for eight months before moving into a small hut made by himself. The villagers forbade them drinking water, for becoming followers of Christ. They had to travel 10 different locations to collect water for their daily use.

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